7 Things Nobody Tells You About Successful Wedding Photoshoots

Weddings can be super stressful. The outcome of your wedding photoshoot shouldn’t be another thing to stress about. Flawless photos are possible if you follow the right advice.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to whether or not a wedding photoshoot is successful. It’s best to learn what you can do to help make the photoshoot the best that it can be. Read on about the top tips for successful wedding photoshoots that nobody tells you about.

1. Hire A Photographer Who Specializes In The Kind Of Wedding Photography You Like Most

There are multiple styles of wedding photography to choose from. The four most popular styles are wedding photojournalism, fine-art wedding photography, fashion wedding photography, and traditional or classic wedding photography. You should start with researching each of these four styles and then decide which one is right for you. Once you’ve made your decision, you should look at the portfolios of wedding photographers in your area who specialize in your favorite style. When a wedding couple’s vision matches up with a photographer’s preferred style and skill set, it leads to great photos that make everyone happy.

2. Only Wear The Right Kind Of Foundation On Your Wedding Day

Not even all professional wedding makeup artist are aware how important it is to check the ingredients in the products they use. It is absolutely imperative to select a foundation without SPF. SPF will ruin wedding pictures. SPF not only reflects harmful sunrays; it also reflects the light of your photographer’s flash. If you wear a foundation with SPF a direct flash on your face will make you look like a ghost in your pictures. It’s called the flashback effect and its destroyed way too many would-be lovely photoshoots.

3. Good Lighting Makes All The Difference In Photography

When a photographer understands light and how to use it he or she can produce amazing images. When a photographer has an incomplete grasp of lighting concepts, he or she may utilize light ineffectively, which results in subpar pictures at best. When shopping around for a photographer, find one who is a seasoned professional whose portfolio contains images in natural light, artificial light, low light, bright light, back light, and front light.

4. Don’t Let Amateur Photographers Ruin The Professional’s Photos

Wedding guests who take on the role of an amateur photographer during your wedding can wreak havoc on your professional photos. These guests are often well-meaning and only want to capture special memories with pictures. They should be advised to put the camera down and instead, capture how it feels at the moment with their hearts. You can tell them that of course professional photos will be available at a later date. There are three major reasons why you should ask guests to refrain from taking pictures at your wedding. Firstly, the flash from a guest’s camera can destroy a photographer’s image. Secondly, when there are multiple photographer’s taking the same shot people get confused on where to look. You’ll end up with a picture with have the people in it looking at your professional photographer and the other have looking at the guest photographer. Finally, guests vying for a shot of you and the groom can step in front of your professional photographer causing them to miss important moments.

5. Make A List Of Your Must Have Photos Before The Photoshoot

Clear communication between a photographer and couple to be married is a key factor in making sure a wedding photoshoot goes smoothly. Part of that communication should involve the must-have photos of your big day. Sit down with your fiancé and write a list for your photographer. It should include all the names of your immediate family members, bridal party, and important people you want photos with during your wedding. Be sure to write out the combinations that matter. For example, if you, the bride, want a picture with your mom and sister, specify what you mean. Do you want a picture with bride and mom, bride and sister, or mom, bride and sister all together? Or, do you want all three combinations? If there are other important pictures you want, like shots of rings, be sure to mention it ahead of time.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera takes practice. It’s important to practice taking pictures together as a couple. If you’re a couple not found of public displays of affection, practice kissing in front of the camera too. Most photographers offer engagement photoshoot packages nowadays. Engagement photoshoots are a great way to practice for your wedding photoshoot. You can review the pictures to see what worked and what didn’t work out so well. You also get the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like working with your photographer. If engagement photography isn’t in your budget, that’s no excuse not to practice. Ask a friend to snap a few photos of you and your betrothed. If nothing else, the two of you should practice smiling in the mirror.

7. Learn How To Pose Based Off Your Body Type

If you’re a supermodel, go ahead and ignore the following advice. However, if you’re a regular person, with maybe one or two body flaws, take heed. How you should pose and angle your body is dependent on your body type. For example, if you want to look thinner, don’t take photos straight on. Instead, angle your body to the camera. Focusing on your assets, relaxing your shoulders, and finding somewhere to put your hands will improve any photo. Knowing just a few tricks for picture posing will greatly improve the quality of pictures in your wedding photoshoot.

Follow all the tips outlined above and you’ll have a successful wedding photoshoot for sure. A successful wedding photoshoot will, in turn, make your wedding day even more perfect.